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Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm In Argentina!

Wow!!!  What a week!!  I'm in Argentina!!!!!  It is SO pretty here!  The movie Evita does not do it justice.  I saw my first Eva Peron bill board last night as we were walking back home!! 
Well Hermana House and me are no longer companions which I am so sad about.  But, my new companion's name is Hermana Redford.  She is my trainer.  She is from Colorado and will be leaving in the middle of December to go home!!  She has finished her mission!!  We are in a city called Caseros.  We have been working really hard so that she feels like she finished out strong!! 

The Spanish is super frustrating.  But, because Hermana Redford has been here for 17 months she is basically fluent so she has been helping me a lot.  I have started lots of contacts since I've been here!!  It's been pretty cool!!  And Elder Christofferson is coming this Saturday to speak to us!!  I'm really excited to hear from him!! 

I got to go to ward conference yesterday morning and then the bishop asked me to bear my testimony yesterday to the ward.  I was pretty nervous.  It is amazing to me because I felt, like everyone else has said, leaving the MTC that I knew some decent Spanish and turns out I didn't know that much.  But that is ok!!  Everyone here I have talked to has said that they felt comfortable after about three months of being here and than were like basically fluent at like 9 months. 

I really like the food here.  The few meals I have had here have been pretty good only I don't know what they were called!  I have corn flakes for breakfast and then members feed us about everyday except for Mondays and Thursdays for lunch.  We don't really eat dinner because they don't really eat dinner here.  So if we are hungry we wil have a little something that we have in the apartment at night when we get home.  
It's hot here, so I'm trying to drink lot of water.  Right now I'm ok with the heat; however, I know it is just going to get hotter, so we will see.  I am praying that I will be ok when it gets hot.  (Karina does not like the heat...AT ALL).
The apartment is kind of gross so I wear socks or my flip flops.  I am never bare foot.  And washing is done by hand unfortunately, but that is ok!!  
I LOVE the people here!!  They are so nice!!  There is not a lesson that we don't go into where somebody doesn't offer us a drink or some food.  Everyone has been really welcoming of me.  They have liked practicing their English with me but are also allowing me to practice my Spanish and help me with it.  They are very encouraging of my Spanish!!  
Right now I have about 4 hours of studying in the morning and then we are out and about teaching and contacting until about 8:30 pm are home by 9:00 pm and are planning the next day and than in bed by 10:30 pm.
I didn't get a chance to email Omi and Opa, but tell them I love and miss them a lot too!!!  I have to go now but I love you lots and lots and lots and lots and lots!!!!!!
Con Amor,

Hermana Kent
Hermana Kent and Hermana Redford...Looks like Hermana Kent already found a new favorite treat!

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