Hermana Kent

Monday, December 22, 2014

All That I Have Learned

This week has been a little different.  First off, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were great with Hermana Sanchez.  We were able to communicate which was great!!  Well ok, she knows affair amount of English so we were able to figure out what each other was trying to say.  And Wednesday was really good!!  We had our transfer meeting and our P-day Navidad program. 

My new companion is Hermana wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it......................Hermana Zamora!!!  She is from Mexico Puerto PeƱasco Sonora. She is actually the sister training for our zone also.

The first couple days were a little hard.  We have different ideas and also I learned things from Hermana Redford differently than I am now learning from Hermana Zamora and both things are good but it is hard and I am trying to decide which is best.  It has been hard right now while I am still learning everything.  But last night we had a really good talk sort of in my broken Spanish about this and today has been really good with her.  She is very nice. 

Anyway this week has been good it has had its up and downs but it is turning around.  I am so overwhelmed right now with everything I have learned since Sep 24.  I thought I would never learn Spanish or learn this area (ok well we got a little off yesterday going to pick Jonathan who is a recent convert to the church), but seriously I can’t believe all that I have learned so fast and felt like I never was going to be able to learn it.  It is incredible to me. 

I am so excited to see what this week will bring with Christmas here.  I don’t know any traditions or anything so I am very excited to learn more about this beautiful country.  I will be calling around 3:00 here so that would be like maybe 11 your time is that ok.  I am super excited to talk more with all of you and see your faces.  I would say that I am not going to cry, but I am going to cry!! jajajajajajajajajajaj :)  Feliz Navidad!!!!! 

Con Amor,

Hermana Kent

Our Room

Study Area

On the corner of JD Peron and Eva Peron streets

Meet Herman Zamora, my new companion!

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Gift of Tongues is INCREDIBLE!

Hola Familia!
Wow this week was AMAZING!!!!  Divisions were so great!!!!  I was super nervous for divisions and I stayed in our area and Hna Redford went to the other area.  I was super nervous because I wasn’t sure if I knew the area enough to be able to get Hna Henao and me everywhere we needed to go.  But I did!!!  I am feeling a lot more confident now because of this experience.  I was nervous also because this Wednesday when I receive my new companion, even though I am still in training I am the companion who served in the area before and knows the area and will be responsible for getting us everywhere.  But, now I know that I can do it!!! 

I also didn’t get too frustrated with the language barrier.  We were able to communicate just fine.  It was amazing!!  She was able to help me with Spanish and I helped her with her English.  This is the same right now with Hna Sanchez.  She is helping me with my Spanish and I am helping her with her English.  The gift of tongues is an INCREDIBLE gift!! 
Other than that this week has been pretty interesting.  We were doing a lot of things to get ready for Hna Redford to leave us.  She leaves tonight.  We said goodbye yesterday and I have been with Hna Sanchez since yesterday afternoon in Santos Lugares.  Wednesday after transfers I will return to Caseros. 

I am SO excited to hear that Dad went with the Elders.  I didn’t understand before when I was going with the sisters how important members are missionary work.  We as missionaries are able to teach and be their friend for a little bit but we are constantly changing.  Our investigators need someone in church who will be there always to answer their questions and help them through their conversion journey.  Their journey to conversion is very hard and difficult and a member friend is really important in helping them stay active and go through their journey with them.  Also, members’ testimonies are so important and powerful.  Thank you for going with the Elders and please continue to go with them.  Members are KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have really liked the food but it really isn’t unusual.  It is really similar to ours so it has been super good!!  Lots of pasta and beef and flan which is a really good desert, it really hasn’t been that different than what we have.

We did have a ward Christmas party that was so fun.  Josefina and Angel brought a daughter of theirs.  They have another daughter and two sons.  It was great and I think they had so much fun.  I am still praying for them.  Yesterday we went over to their house so Hna Redford could say goodbye to them.  And Angel said "well we will have to send you a picture when we get baptized."  Oh my goodness, he said WHEN!!!!!!  They are so great!!!  I am praying for them!!  Also yesterday in church we had Andrea with us!!  It was amazing it was her first time and she seemed to really enjoy herself while in church!!  It was a really neat experience!!  Also we had lunch with our stake president, Pres. Catron and he said that we could come and to his house to skype.  So I have a place but I don’t have a time.  So what time do you want me to skype you guys and I will just tell my companion what time you guys want me to skype?  This church is true and Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father live!!!
Con Amor

Hermana Kent
PS  I just found out that there will be two new missions made next July.  That is so cool!!  The work is moving forth!!!  Our mission will be reduced by two zones!!!  OH my!!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

She is Golden!

Hola Familia!!!! 
This week was really good!!  We got a new phone so that is kind of fun!! 
We are super sad again.  Angel and Josefina were supposed to be baptized this weekend but it is not going to happen, again.  The hardest thing is that we can do so much and then it comes down to people’s agency and whether or not they want to be baptized.  But I still have faith that they will be baptized.  They are so great!!  We are praying hard for them and working hard with them. 

We had our first appointment with Lourdes on Friday.  She is the women who just decided to come to church a week ago.  She is golden!!  She has a baptismal date for the 27 of this month!  However, she isn’t married and is living with her boyfriend.  She has three kids and then her and her boyfriend has 1 together.  She is totally willing to be married so we are praying that he will be open to marriage as well so that she can be baptized on the 27.  She is so great! We taught her about the restoration but didn´t do much of the lesson!!  She did a lot of it!! 
I am still struggling with the language.  But it is coming little by little.  We are going on divisions tomorrow until Wednesday.  I will be with Hna Henao who is from Colombia so I am praying that I can learn a lot from her the next couple days.  Also because Hna Redford leaves next Monday, Sunday night until Wednesday morning I will be staying with Hermana Sanchez who is from Peru.  Hopefully I can learn a lot from her as well. 

I LOVE this gospel and KNOW that it is true!!  I love and miss everyone lots and lots and lots and lots!!!
Con Amor,

Hermana Kent

Monday, December 1, 2014

I'm Legal Here in Argentina!

Hola Familia y Amigos!!! 

 I still can’t believe how fast time is going!!  I can’t believe I have already been here in Argentina for a month!!  It feels like yesterday I landed here!!  It is SO crazy!!  Anyway, first off because I forgot to mention last week that Christmas came early to us missionaries in the Buenos Aires West Mission!!!  We were all given very nice, new pots and a frying pan about a week and a half ago!!  It was AMAZING!!! 

This week was also great!!  We had lots of lessons that were just great!!  And yesterday we had Angel and Josefina in church for all 3 hours with us!!!  It was AMAZING!!  We also had Hernan and Malvina with us in church the whole time but they are already good about staying with us the whole time!!  And we had a woman come who just decided to come to church!!  Her name is Lourdez!!  Her cousin is a member over in Uruguay!!  It was amazing!!  So we are excited to start to teach her this Friday!!!  Unfortunately, none of our baptisms are going to happen!!  But we have Lourdez who we start teaching this week so we will see how we can help her!!  And Josefina and Angel have accepted baptism but not set date yet so we are praying for them and working with them!!  And Hernan and Malvina are going to be getting married in about a month and a half and then he will be able to be baptized!!  Many good things are happening!!

There is a new initiative “He is the Gift” that started this week!!  It is AMAZING!!!  I LOVE it so much!!  It is so incredible!!    

The language is coming very slowly!!  I wish it would come faster but I have faith that it will come little by little!!  I just focus on how far I have come and how much I have learned regarding the language instead of how far I still have to go!! 

It rained A LOT Saturday night!!  It was amazing!!!  I was absolutely drenched because I wasn’t prepared!!  Neither Hna Redford nor I were prepared!!  All of the sudden the clouds came and the rain started hard and then before we knew it we were drenched!!  We laughed about the whole thing!!  However, were very blessed!!  We had an appt with Josefina and Angel that night!!  When we got to her house she noticed how drenched we were!!  She have us a towel and then some of her shirts to change into so we had dry clothes and then gave us mate cocida and some warm bread!!  She was so great!!  That was the first time I have had mate cocida!!  It is actually pretty good!! 

 I have been really good!!  The only thing that has been hard is my legs hurt a lot all of the time from walking.  Like remember Disneyland?  It’s like that every day.  But it’s getting better and my body is getting more used to it, I think!!!  Hermana Redford told me the other day that the temperatures right now are already not as hot as last year.  This spring hasn’t been that bad, so I think I can make it through this summer. 

Oh and I am now legal here in Argentina!!  Wednesday we went to a bunch of different places and filled out paperwork!!  It was such a great week!!  I LOVE being a missionary!!  I LOVE the spirit that is always right with me!!!  Love and miss everyone lots and lots and lots!!!

Con Amor

Hermana Kent

Monday, November 24, 2014

Stake Conference Was Great!

This week has been great!!!  It sounds like it has been great for all of you as well!  We had a baptism scheduled with our investigator Cristina for this Saturday, but is not going to happen.  Herman Redford and I are so sad!!  She hasn’t been able to have us over as much as we needed to be with her.  But it is ok!!  Heavenly Father has a reason for everything!! 
Hopefully next week we will have a baptism for Josefina!!  I LOVE Josefina and her family!  They are so great!  Josefina and her husband have been at church with us the last two weeks!  They are just so great!  We are praying for them! 
This week we had our stake conference.  It was so great!!  I didn’t understand much but I do know that it was about missionary work.  And collectively between the Saturday night session and Sunday, we had seven people there with Hermana Redford and me!  Josefina and her husband Angel and Cristina (also investigators) and Hilda who is recent convert came with us Saturday night.  Sunday we had a Malvina and Hernan and Jonathan and Hilda!!  Malvina is a less active and Hernan is an investigator.  Jonathan and Hilda are both recent converts.  It was a great couple of days!! 
It rained a couple days this week!  The temperature is perfect right now.  It was a tender blessing from Heavenly Father because it was getting really hot!  At least for me it was really hot.
Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday!!!!
Love everyone lots and lots and lots!!  I’m really good!!!
Con Amor,
Hermana Karina Kent
Hermana Kent, Hermana Llerena and Hermana Redford

Hermana Kent, Hermana Llerena and Hermana Redford

Josefina, Hermana Kent, & Hermana Redford

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Missionaries Are on a Different Time Table

Wow!!  I cannot believe that I have now been in Argentina for two weeks already!!  It is amazing how time goes by so fast!!  I definitely feel as a missionary I am on another time table!!  Time goes by way too fast!! 

Anyway, this week has been great!!  Elder Christofferson came on Saturday and spoke to the north and west missions!!  It was really good!!  He talked about repentance and how central that is to our purpose as missionaries!!  Repentance and Jesus Christ!! 
I didn’t understand a ton unfortunately because I am struggling with the language.  But it is ok!!  I have only been here in Argentina for two weeks!!  I have faith that it will come and that I will be blessed with the gift of tongues!!  It is amazing the spirit that is always with me!! 

We have 3 investigators with a baptismal date right now!!  Hermana Redford and I are so excited!!  We are just praying that it will happen!!  I am really good though!!  I have had bad days and good days!!  Bad days being that we walked around all day and not one investigator was home or one contact opened the door!!  Good days being that most of our investigators were home and we had lots of lessons!!  Those are good days!! 
Ok I have to tell you something else though before I forget!!  There is another Mormon clip coming out I think like the day after Thanksgiving called “The Gift.”  It is AMAZING!!  I saw it in the MTC.  The person over the church media showed the rough draft to us.  It is AMAZING!!  It is like the “Because of Him” clip!  It is super good!!  The clip is going to be advertised like crazy all over time square and yahoo!!!!!  Super cool things happening!!!!

Con Amor
Hermana Kent

P.S.  Um, BTW I LOVE that even Kenai has gotten into the show business!!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm In Argentina!

Wow!!!  What a week!!  I'm in Argentina!!!!!  It is SO pretty here!  The movie Evita does not do it justice.  I saw my first Eva Peron bill board last night as we were walking back home!! 
Well Hermana House and me are no longer companions which I am so sad about.  But, my new companion's name is Hermana Redford.  She is my trainer.  She is from Colorado and will be leaving in the middle of December to go home!!  She has finished her mission!!  We are in a city called Caseros.  We have been working really hard so that she feels like she finished out strong!! 

The Spanish is super frustrating.  But, because Hermana Redford has been here for 17 months she is basically fluent so she has been helping me a lot.  I have started lots of contacts since I've been here!!  It's been pretty cool!!  And Elder Christofferson is coming this Saturday to speak to us!!  I'm really excited to hear from him!! 

I got to go to ward conference yesterday morning and then the bishop asked me to bear my testimony yesterday to the ward.  I was pretty nervous.  It is amazing to me because I felt, like everyone else has said, leaving the MTC that I knew some decent Spanish and turns out I didn't know that much.  But that is ok!!  Everyone here I have talked to has said that they felt comfortable after about three months of being here and than were like basically fluent at like 9 months. 

I really like the food here.  The few meals I have had here have been pretty good only I don't know what they were called!  I have corn flakes for breakfast and then members feed us about everyday except for Mondays and Thursdays for lunch.  We don't really eat dinner because they don't really eat dinner here.  So if we are hungry we wil have a little something that we have in the apartment at night when we get home.  
It's hot here, so I'm trying to drink lot of water.  Right now I'm ok with the heat; however, I know it is just going to get hotter, so we will see.  I am praying that I will be ok when it gets hot.  (Karina does not like the heat...AT ALL).
The apartment is kind of gross so I wear socks or my flip flops.  I am never bare foot.  And washing is done by hand unfortunately, but that is ok!!  
I LOVE the people here!!  They are so nice!!  There is not a lesson that we don't go into where somebody doesn't offer us a drink or some food.  Everyone has been really welcoming of me.  They have liked practicing their English with me but are also allowing me to practice my Spanish and help me with it.  They are very encouraging of my Spanish!!  
Right now I have about 4 hours of studying in the morning and then we are out and about teaching and contacting until about 8:30 pm are home by 9:00 pm and are planning the next day and than in bed by 10:30 pm.
I didn't get a chance to email Omi and Opa, but tell them I love and miss them a lot too!!!  I have to go now but I love you lots and lots and lots and lots and lots!!!!!!
Con Amor,

Hermana Kent
Hermana Kent and Hermana Redford...Looks like Hermana Kent already found a new favorite treat!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Safe Arrival

Hermana Kent departed from Salt Lake City International airport on November 3rd and arrived in Argentina safely on November 4th.  In speaking with her before she boarded the plane her family was relieved to hear the excitement in her voice.  Hermana Kent worried about becoming homesick before she left home, this has not been a problem for her.  She has had some more difficult days, but loved her MTC experience.  Her family waited impatiently for her call, and when asked what took her so long to call, her response was, "I was doing missionary work."  This response was reminiscent of the Savior responding to his parents when he was found in the temple that He was about His Father's work.  We (her parents) paged her several times to call the "white courtesy phone" several times.  We have not learned patience yet through her serving.  Hermana Kent never heard the pages.  She and Hermana House were engaged in a conversation with a young man who had a lot of questions about sister missionaries.  They were about their Father's work.

Missionaries see miracles!  The expectation for the luggage check-in fee was roughly $100.  None of the missionaries leaving yesterday morning were charged luggage fees and those whose luggage was over the weight limit were waved on through.  I don't know if this happens for every missionary, but Hermana Kent recognized the miracle in that moment.

President and Hermana Robertson sent an email assuring us of her safe arrival.  To a mother, there is no other relief.  We are grateful for her sacrifice, testimony, and dedication in serving the Lord, for she is about his work.

President and Hermana Robertson with Hermana Kent in front of the Buenos Aires Temple

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Great Plan

Hola Familia,
I was so glad to hear that Anything Goes was performed in the Halloween assembly!!  That is pretty cool!!!  The whole cast has really worked super hard!!!  What dates do you start performing?  (Kensington and Karadie will be performing in BHS musical production of Anything Goes). When is Miss Samantha's play?  We are very blessed to have good places where theatre is performed and have such talented people super close to us!! 
It is crazy to think that this exact time next week I will be sitting on a plane going to Atlanta Georgia!!!!!  The flight plans weren't emailed we got them in the mail so I leave the MTC at 6 in the morning and head to the airport.  My flight to Atlanta, Gerorgia leaves Salt Lake at 11:15am so I will arrive in Atlanta about 4:50pm and than have a 3 hour lay over so my flight then leaves at 7:44pm and than a nice long 10 hour flight to Buenos Aires!!!  So I will actually arrive in Buenos Aires Tuesday morning at about 8am!!    This 6 weeks has gone by SO fast!  Honestly I don't know how it happened!!  Somehow I blinked and it was gone!! 
So I had a super cool experience this week!!  But to start, I have to give some background about the MTC!!!  The first Friday here like I said I started teaching in Spanish!!  Two days after I got here!!  And it was crazy but cool!!  And then 2 weeks after that "Miguel" who we thought we were teaching actually ended up being a teacher -  Hermano Wallace.  So we have two teachers.  Hermana Boyce and Hermano Wallace!!  There is a plan in this.  And it is great!!  Ok enough background.  So last Monday a week ago like 16 members of our zone left.  And this Wednesday we got 16 newbees.  Ya I am now an oldie apparently!!!  hahah I don't know how that happened cuz honestly I was dropped off yesterday.  But so the other day we were at lunch and the newbees were telling us how they were gonna start teaching and how they were nervous cuz it was in Spanish.  I wanted so bad to tell them what was actually going to happen!!  That they were actually teaching their teacer and that it is a great plan and you will learn so much from it and all these things to help them see how it was going to help them.  But I couldn't!!  It was SO hard not to.  Anyway it then made me think about our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ and how they stand on the other side like I did with these missionaries and want to tell us exactly about our trial and how it will help us and that there is a great plan in it.  But they can't either and it must be so hard for them as well!!!  I am so grateful for the trials that I have been given and that Heavenly Father allows me to go through them to become more like Him and Jesus Christ.  It was such a neat experience.  I LOVE them with all my heart. 
I also spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday about the atonement (in Spanish)  and how grateful I am for that in my life!!!  I of course bawled through the whole thing.
Also last night we watched Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration and it was so cool!!   I look up to Him and Emma so much and the early saints so much!!!  I am so grateful for this restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is true.  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and Kazen, and Grandpa, LIVE.  I KNOW that and I feel them right next to me everyday encouraging me and pushing me on to the next thing!!  I LOVE this gospel.  I can't wait to share the beautiful message it gives to the people in Argentina!!!  My testimony has grown SO much this week!!  Love you all lots and lots and lots. 
Btw moving was fine but anyway I am going to pack today and figure out what to send home and get a package off today for you.  Also, there is an Elder Barfuss and Elder Speidel who are Spanish speaking Elders from my district going to the mission we live in so if you see them take care of them.  They are AWESOME!!  They are both from Canada!!!!
Con Amor,
Hermana Kent


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bearing Testimony in Spanish!

It is so crazy to me that in like all but two weeks I will be leaving for Argentina!!!!  Guess what that means!!!???  I get to call!!!!  I was going to ask you about a calling card so if you send it that will be great!! 

This week has been kinda crappy!! :(  We got a new investigator named Maria on Monday and have taught her every night so far except for Tuesday night.  Every lesson has not had the spirit whatsoever.  In fact she has tried to fight us.  She thinks the commandments and the Book of Mormon aren't necessary.  It has been pretty frustrating; Until Thursday night.  She fought us in the lesson again which was to be expected so we asked some sisters in our zone who just had her as an investigator about how to help her understand the importance of the gospel.  We found out that she is not a member.  She is an actual investigator that is paid to be here.  Hermana Albach shared her story with us and just said to love her and make sure that she knows that we love her and just get to know her.  She said that her and her companion took an entire lesson and just talked about her and her family and themselves and their family. 

Thursday night she asked us to find some scriptures FROM THE BIBLE; she made that very clear, about pre earth life and life after death.  So last night we walked in there prepared to share some scriptures with her and just get to know her story and her family and let her get to know us and our stories and families.  So yes, I took the little picture book you sent me to show her pictures of us. Well we shared the scriptures we prepared and then she asked us to share our favorite scriptures, from the bible.  Hermana House shared Romans 8: 38-39.  I shared John 14: 18,26-27 and then we asked her what her favorite scripture is and she shared John 3:16.  It was pretty cool.  The saying “teach people” not “lessons” became real to me that we need to teach according to our investigators.  Anyway, Hermana House than shared her testimony about the gospel and I shared mine about the gospel.  And guess what I had in that picture book?  The two pics of Kazen that you guys sent me!!!  I was able to talk about Kazen in Spanish for the first time last night!!!!!  The spirit was finally in a lesson with her.  It was so cool.  I shared how Kazen had passed away at two years old and the gospel has blessed my life knowing that I will be with him again someday.  That he IS NOT dead but that he is very much alive!!!  I love feeling that little guy everyday!!!! 

We taught another Hermana in our zone yesterday about the book of Mormon in Spanish and I was able to do it.  And then we taught Ximena, or Hermana Boyce our teacher about the restoration and the gospel again and guess what???!!!  I was able to talk about Kazen in Spanish again.  So the point is… I can now talk about the Book of Mormon and Kazen in Spanish!!!!!  These are way cool experiences that I wanted to share!!!  A crappy week turned into a FABULOUS week!!! 

 By the way, I am being transferred to the main MTC campus on Thursday so my P-Day might change, but I will let you know!!  Send more pictures because I love getting them.  Please keep sending me quotes because I love getting them.  There are some above my bed that I want as well. 
The church is so true and the Book of Mormon is so true.  Kazen, Jesus Christ, Grandpa, and Great-Grandma all love me and are with me every second and I feel them so close.  Sure love and miss you guys!!!
Con Amor,
Hermana Kent

Hermana House and I on P-Day.  She has great taste in clothing;)

Pointing out President and Sister Marston, my best friends parents:)

I love the temple!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I LOVE Being a Missionary!!!

Thank you for the emails and the package!!!  Hermana House and me decorated our window and we love it!!  It looks so fun!!!  (We sent her Halloween window clings)

This week has been so good!!!  Hermana Davis left Tuesday morning at 4:30!!  It was crazy!!  This week has been awesome!!!  Hermana House and I have been on time to things, we have studied better and harder, we are on the same page!!  The companionship is exactly what I was hoping for!!! Also because Hermana Davis was our senior companion we got a new senior companion this week and it is kinda me!! I say kinda because on Tuesday we had a devotional and the 70 that spoke talked about how our companion and ourselves are a team.  So after that talk we decided that the senior companion really doesn't matter because we are playing on the same team and have to make our decisions about everything together!!!

We have taught our teachers again this week and the spirit has been so strong!!  And wasn't conference AMAZING!!!  My favorite part was Pres Packers!!!  He said in his testimony how Jesus Christ is no stranger to his servants!!!  This hit me so hard that Him and Heavenly Father are so physically real!!!  That has hit me so hard this week!! 

Yesterday I played investigator for some elders in my district and it was so incredibly fun!!!  We were practicing "How to Begin Teaching" and it was all in Spanish!!  I did this twice yesterday and I learned that I know a lot more Spanish than I give myself credit for!!  So the Spanish is coming!!!  Slowly but surely.  Other than that this week has also been pretty monotonous!! 

We are up by 6 and getting ready.  By 7 we are leaving to go and eat in the cafeteria. 7:30 is personal study. 8:30 is companion study. 9:30 is language study.  10:30 is gym time and than 11:30 we go get a sack lunch to take back to our apartment so we can hurry and eat and than actually shower and get ready for the day so that by 12:45 we can be in class.  The teacher leaves about 3:45 and we have additional study time until dinner at 4:30 and than 5:15 we are back in class. The teacher than usually leaves at about 8:15 and we have...

wait for it...wait for it... wait for it...

you guessed it additional study time until 9 which is when we have our zone meeting every night and than we usually get back to our apartment by 9:30 which is when we as a companionship plan the next day read our scriptures.  10:15 we get some personal quiet time with Heavenly Father which is super cool if used right and than by 10:30 our lights have to be off!! 

Saturdays are a little different because of p-day!!  As of right now we have service time time in the morning at 6:15 until about 7:30 and than a quick breakfast so that we can hit the 8:30 session at the Provo Temple and than the rest of the day we do whatever we have to get done.  And than we have devotionals Sunday night and Tuesday night so Tuesdays we just don't have our evening class so we can go up to main campus for the devotional.  Tuesdays are usually the nights that apostles come but there hasn't been one yet so far since I have been here, so this week I am hoping!!!  So that's what goes on!! 

I am really good!!! And I have felt so many prayers.  I woke up last Thursday and my throat didnt't feel right so I immediately knew that I was getting a cold and sure enough I did!!  But you know how my colds usually last like a month or at least that is what it feels like for me and than I end up with an ear infection?  I am totally better and I feel no chance of an ear infection.  I feel really blessed!!! 

I really like all of the pictures you guys keep sending me!!!  And thank you for the calendar!!!!  Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father live and this is THEIR work!!!

I LOVE being a missionary!!!
Hermana Kent
My District

Hermana House and Me

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Letter sent October 4, 2014

Hola!!!!  The first session was great ha!!!!  The missionaries are very blessed to have so many people praying for us and our families!!!  I get to watch the women's conference tonight while the Elders are watching priesthood and I'm so excited.  Dad not that you for sure will be able to see name tags but some Elders are singing in the choir tonight so if you see tags with the name of Elder Au Quin or Elder Johnson those are my zone leaders.  They are both white and on the shorter end, but obviously still taller than me. 

I got the package last night and I think everything is going to work great!!! Thank you for the pictures and "open when" letters and the robe!!!!  This week has been a ton of emotions.  But last Saturday was the first time I talked to Kazen.  I was in the temple in the celestial room!! It was incredible. And then Sunday we fasted and it was a rough day with no motivation to do anything with the lack of food!!! But, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and Kazen and many others were definitely watching out for me because there were so many instances where I knew I was being winked at that I can do this and that the day would be ok.  And that dinner would come eventually!!! hahah 

Hermana Davis received her visa this week so she is going to the Colombia MTC on Tuesday which will be so good for her!!  (Karina has been in a trio companionship).  I have struggled with my companions so that will be good!!  I hope it will be a better companionship  with Hermana House!!  

Lucky me because winter has started to make itself known with the freezing cold air.  Guess who has a wicked cold??? ME!!!! but that's ok.  At least I'm not stuck in bed so it'll pass.  However I am going to the gymnasium with my companions but I am not participating because I don't want to get sicker.  If I can prevent getting sicker by not working out is better, cause I don't want to not be in class learning.  I figure it is wiser to use that time and study right now than work out and get sicker :( 

Anyway I have started letters for all of you but haven't finished them yet but I just want you to know.  Either I have class or I am in a meeting with either just my district or my whole zone.  But that's ok they are really cool.  And we got a new teacher this week.  The person we thought was our investigator Miguel Chavez ended up actually being our second teacher Hermano Wallace.  But I knew that.  So the sister teacher we have had Sis Boyce is now going to be an investigator as well so we will now have two investigators but its good practice because its just our teachers.  

I love that Ali wants to facetime!!! I want to facetime her and see everyone's faces!!!  But hey, basically 4 weeks and we get to talk cause I am basically two weeks in now!!! Anyway other than the cold I am good!! Love and miss everyone A LOT!!!
Hermana Kent