Hermana Kent

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Hola Familia!!!
It was SO great to see everyone on Thursday and I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!! The rest of the week was great!! I am feeling great now and am SO excited to go to the temple tomorrow!!!!!!!
Not much has happened since Thursday for us either, but I am really good again!! I am glad that Tyler thinks that my Spanish is coming because I think it is coming too slow!!!! But that is very encouraging to me!! I am super sad I didnt get to talk to Eva but hey, in like 15 months every time I see her it will be in Spanish so it will make up for it!!! jajajajajajajajajaj
I did sing with the choir on the 15th.  We sang Silent Night and Hermana Redford played the piano (we asked if she was using her talents to serve and if she has had any other opportunities to serve in her ward).  We helped paint the decorations for the Christmas Activity we had.  The other day Hermana Zamora and I did a members dishes and swept for her. The only time I have spoken was when I bore my testimonly my first week here but I am sure I will have lots of other opportunities!!

Ok so I forgot to tell you guys!!! My zone leader, Elder Hazlett, in my last transfer (he got transfered to a new area) is from Moab and lives really close to Stewart and Ashley and knows Stewart really well (Cameron's cousin)!! Well anyway he goes home in January so guess what that means!!! Stewart and Ashley are gonna get baptized!!!! Ok well hopefully, probably!! He said he was going to try and work with them!!! His family owns a river raft and it is the only place that takes girls camps so he think you guys went there for girls camp!! Crazy huh!!!! 
That is so neat that Dad got to speak at Heritage Place!!! I am so glad that everyone had a good experiences speaking with their missionaries!! It was a very special experience for me!!!  Anyway hope everyone is doing well and has a happy New Year this week!!!!!
Con mucho Amor,
Hermana Kent

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