Hermana Kent

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

These Feet Were Made for Walking!

This week was INCREDIBLE!!!!!  It has been one of the most sacred weeks of my entire mission!!!  It started on Sunday when we had training from the sisters who go around the whole mission training sisters on how we can teach better and help our investigators!!!  The training was so great and we got to do lots of practices with them on the Restoration.  Then they came to Atalaya Friday night until Sunday night.  Hermana Wiborny and I were on divisions Friday night until Sunday night working in different parts of our area.  It was INCREDIBLE!!!!  We found so many new investigators and people that we can go back and teach!!!  We were able to do A LOT of practices with them and help us be able to teach better and more simply so that our investigators will be able to understand the Restoration!!!  It was so helpful for us and SO incredible!!!!! 

If I send you pictures of my feet you can NOT freak out.  I WILL live. No its fine.  No it doesn’t hurt at all...  I want to paint them so I don’t see how gross they look but I don’t think that is a good idea either.  I am worried when we get rained on, I feel really gross knowing that I have fungus under my nails and their ugly... I talked to the nurse back in October.  She said that it is something I would just have to take care of at home and that I would be fine until then...
Thank you for the big package.  It starts today!!!!!  The Elders are going to give it to me again today, because it came in a big box and the Elders didn’t think it was a good idea for two young girls to be walking home with big boxes because Hermana Wiborny got one too and so they took them from us and we are going to get them from them today.  (We were able to find a company in Argentina that sent her a Christmas package… it’s the Twelve Days of Christmas).

Thanks to the YW for all of the love and support!!!!!!  I loved receiving the envelope from themJ
I know that this church is true!!!  I LOVE this gospel.  I know that our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ live and love us SO much and want us to be happy and have joy in this life.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that is a tool our Heavenly Father has given us to become more like him and to have joy and happiness in this life.  I LOVE the Book of Mormon and the example that are there for us to learn from.  I LOVE this gospel!!!  I miss you all lots and lots and lots and lots and lots!!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Kent

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