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Monday, February 22, 2016

February 15th - I'm Training!

This week has been amazing!!!!  My hijita is named Hermana Moore!!!!  She is from Virginia and Lujan is her first area!!!!!  She is the 6th of 8 kids.  She arrived here in Argentina less than a week ago!!!  We are learning so much together!!!  We are learning how to be better missionaries, how to teach better, how to help our investigators better, and we are learning how to speak Spanish!!!  It has been such a humbling experience being able to help a new missionary learn and grow and remember the exact same feelings that I had when I arrived and not being able to speak or understand anyone and always looking at my trainer for help speaking or understanding someone.  My companion is so great and we are going to learn SO much this transfer together!!!  I am SO excited to see what miracles our Heavenly Father has for us this transfer.  What hardships we are going to face, what will be the cause for our tears late at night, or what will be the cause for such joy late at night when we come home!!! 

This week we have been studying and practicing teaching the Restoration and how grateful I am for the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ!!!  And the decision that Joseph Smith made to ask God which of all of the churches were true.  Yesterday we were able to practice teaching this lesson with a member!!!  My companion was able to start and lead the lesson and through her broken but progressing spanish we were able to share this message!!!  I have been so blessed in my life from the restoration. 

We don't have very many investigators and we don't have any that are progressing right this second :(  We are teaching a big family that includes the grandma her kids and their kids so that is really fun but they dont want to come to church.....

We found another investigator this week.  She wants help seeing that there is a God.  She kind of believes in God but it is hard for her to see past all the bad that is happening in the world.  And than we found a lady like a week and a half ago who is really great and needs lots of help but we havent been able to find her again.  She is so great and I have faith that she will progress we just have to find her again.   

I am so blessed to be a member of the true church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints!!!  I know that this church is true!!!  I know that the Book of Mormon is ture!!  I know that our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ live and love us!!!  How blessed I am to share this message!!!  I miss and love you all lots and lots and lots and lots!!!
Con amor,
Hermana Kent
My hijitas first alfajor

Selfie in front of the Basilica

My companions first taste of Argentine ice-cream

Riding our bikes

My hijitas first Sunday

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