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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Great Plan

Hola Familia,
I was so glad to hear that Anything Goes was performed in the Halloween assembly!!  That is pretty cool!!!  The whole cast has really worked super hard!!!  What dates do you start performing?  (Kensington and Karadie will be performing in BHS musical production of Anything Goes). When is Miss Samantha's play?  We are very blessed to have good places where theatre is performed and have such talented people super close to us!! 
It is crazy to think that this exact time next week I will be sitting on a plane going to Atlanta Georgia!!!!!  The flight plans weren't emailed we got them in the mail so I leave the MTC at 6 in the morning and head to the airport.  My flight to Atlanta, Gerorgia leaves Salt Lake at 11:15am so I will arrive in Atlanta about 4:50pm and than have a 3 hour lay over so my flight then leaves at 7:44pm and than a nice long 10 hour flight to Buenos Aires!!!  So I will actually arrive in Buenos Aires Tuesday morning at about 8am!!    This 6 weeks has gone by SO fast!  Honestly I don't know how it happened!!  Somehow I blinked and it was gone!! 
So I had a super cool experience this week!!  But to start, I have to give some background about the MTC!!!  The first Friday here like I said I started teaching in Spanish!!  Two days after I got here!!  And it was crazy but cool!!  And then 2 weeks after that "Miguel" who we thought we were teaching actually ended up being a teacher -  Hermano Wallace.  So we have two teachers.  Hermana Boyce and Hermano Wallace!!  There is a plan in this.  And it is great!!  Ok enough background.  So last Monday a week ago like 16 members of our zone left.  And this Wednesday we got 16 newbees.  Ya I am now an oldie apparently!!!  hahah I don't know how that happened cuz honestly I was dropped off yesterday.  But so the other day we were at lunch and the newbees were telling us how they were gonna start teaching and how they were nervous cuz it was in Spanish.  I wanted so bad to tell them what was actually going to happen!!  That they were actually teaching their teacer and that it is a great plan and you will learn so much from it and all these things to help them see how it was going to help them.  But I couldn't!!  It was SO hard not to.  Anyway it then made me think about our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ and how they stand on the other side like I did with these missionaries and want to tell us exactly about our trial and how it will help us and that there is a great plan in it.  But they can't either and it must be so hard for them as well!!!  I am so grateful for the trials that I have been given and that Heavenly Father allows me to go through them to become more like Him and Jesus Christ.  It was such a neat experience.  I LOVE them with all my heart. 
I also spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday about the atonement (in Spanish)  and how grateful I am for that in my life!!!  I of course bawled through the whole thing.
Also last night we watched Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration and it was so cool!!   I look up to Him and Emma so much and the early saints so much!!!  I am so grateful for this restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is true.  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and Kazen, and Grandpa, LIVE.  I KNOW that and I feel them right next to me everyday encouraging me and pushing me on to the next thing!!  I LOVE this gospel.  I can't wait to share the beautiful message it gives to the people in Argentina!!!  My testimony has grown SO much this week!!  Love you all lots and lots and lots. 
Btw moving was fine but anyway I am going to pack today and figure out what to send home and get a package off today for you.  Also, there is an Elder Barfuss and Elder Speidel who are Spanish speaking Elders from my district going to the mission we live in so if you see them take care of them.  They are AWESOME!!  They are both from Canada!!!!
Con Amor,
Hermana Kent


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