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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Letter sent October 4, 2014

Hola!!!!  The first session was great ha!!!!  The missionaries are very blessed to have so many people praying for us and our families!!!  I get to watch the women's conference tonight while the Elders are watching priesthood and I'm so excited.  Dad not that you for sure will be able to see name tags but some Elders are singing in the choir tonight so if you see tags with the name of Elder Au Quin or Elder Johnson those are my zone leaders.  They are both white and on the shorter end, but obviously still taller than me. 

I got the package last night and I think everything is going to work great!!! Thank you for the pictures and "open when" letters and the robe!!!!  This week has been a ton of emotions.  But last Saturday was the first time I talked to Kazen.  I was in the temple in the celestial room!! It was incredible. And then Sunday we fasted and it was a rough day with no motivation to do anything with the lack of food!!! But, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and Kazen and many others were definitely watching out for me because there were so many instances where I knew I was being winked at that I can do this and that the day would be ok.  And that dinner would come eventually!!! hahah 

Hermana Davis received her visa this week so she is going to the Colombia MTC on Tuesday which will be so good for her!!  (Karina has been in a trio companionship).  I have struggled with my companions so that will be good!!  I hope it will be a better companionship  with Hermana House!!  

Lucky me because winter has started to make itself known with the freezing cold air.  Guess who has a wicked cold??? ME!!!! but that's ok.  At least I'm not stuck in bed so it'll pass.  However I am going to the gymnasium with my companions but I am not participating because I don't want to get sicker.  If I can prevent getting sicker by not working out is better, cause I don't want to not be in class learning.  I figure it is wiser to use that time and study right now than work out and get sicker :( 

Anyway I have started letters for all of you but haven't finished them yet but I just want you to know.  Either I have class or I am in a meeting with either just my district or my whole zone.  But that's ok they are really cool.  And we got a new teacher this week.  The person we thought was our investigator Miguel Chavez ended up actually being our second teacher Hermano Wallace.  But I knew that.  So the sister teacher we have had Sis Boyce is now going to be an investigator as well so we will now have two investigators but its good practice because its just our teachers.  

I love that Ali wants to facetime!!! I want to facetime her and see everyone's faces!!!  But hey, basically 4 weeks and we get to talk cause I am basically two weeks in now!!! Anyway other than the cold I am good!! Love and miss everyone A LOT!!!
Hermana Kent  

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