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Sunday, October 12, 2014

I LOVE Being a Missionary!!!

Thank you for the emails and the package!!!  Hermana House and me decorated our window and we love it!!  It looks so fun!!!  (We sent her Halloween window clings)

This week has been so good!!!  Hermana Davis left Tuesday morning at 4:30!!  It was crazy!!  This week has been awesome!!!  Hermana House and I have been on time to things, we have studied better and harder, we are on the same page!!  The companionship is exactly what I was hoping for!!! Also because Hermana Davis was our senior companion we got a new senior companion this week and it is kinda me!! I say kinda because on Tuesday we had a devotional and the 70 that spoke talked about how our companion and ourselves are a team.  So after that talk we decided that the senior companion really doesn't matter because we are playing on the same team and have to make our decisions about everything together!!!

We have taught our teachers again this week and the spirit has been so strong!!  And wasn't conference AMAZING!!!  My favorite part was Pres Packers!!!  He said in his testimony how Jesus Christ is no stranger to his servants!!!  This hit me so hard that Him and Heavenly Father are so physically real!!!  That has hit me so hard this week!! 

Yesterday I played investigator for some elders in my district and it was so incredibly fun!!!  We were practicing "How to Begin Teaching" and it was all in Spanish!!  I did this twice yesterday and I learned that I know a lot more Spanish than I give myself credit for!!  So the Spanish is coming!!!  Slowly but surely.  Other than that this week has also been pretty monotonous!! 

We are up by 6 and getting ready.  By 7 we are leaving to go and eat in the cafeteria. 7:30 is personal study. 8:30 is companion study. 9:30 is language study.  10:30 is gym time and than 11:30 we go get a sack lunch to take back to our apartment so we can hurry and eat and than actually shower and get ready for the day so that by 12:45 we can be in class.  The teacher leaves about 3:45 and we have additional study time until dinner at 4:30 and than 5:15 we are back in class. The teacher than usually leaves at about 8:15 and we have...

wait for it...wait for it... wait for it...

you guessed it additional study time until 9 which is when we have our zone meeting every night and than we usually get back to our apartment by 9:30 which is when we as a companionship plan the next day read our scriptures.  10:15 we get some personal quiet time with Heavenly Father which is super cool if used right and than by 10:30 our lights have to be off!! 

Saturdays are a little different because of p-day!!  As of right now we have service time time in the morning at 6:15 until about 7:30 and than a quick breakfast so that we can hit the 8:30 session at the Provo Temple and than the rest of the day we do whatever we have to get done.  And than we have devotionals Sunday night and Tuesday night so Tuesdays we just don't have our evening class so we can go up to main campus for the devotional.  Tuesdays are usually the nights that apostles come but there hasn't been one yet so far since I have been here, so this week I am hoping!!!  So that's what goes on!! 

I am really good!!! And I have felt so many prayers.  I woke up last Thursday and my throat didnt't feel right so I immediately knew that I was getting a cold and sure enough I did!!  But you know how my colds usually last like a month or at least that is what it feels like for me and than I end up with an ear infection?  I am totally better and I feel no chance of an ear infection.  I feel really blessed!!! 

I really like all of the pictures you guys keep sending me!!!  And thank you for the calendar!!!!  Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father live and this is THEIR work!!!

I LOVE being a missionary!!!
Hermana Kent
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