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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bearing Testimony in Spanish!

It is so crazy to me that in like all but two weeks I will be leaving for Argentina!!!!  Guess what that means!!!???  I get to call!!!!  I was going to ask you about a calling card so if you send it that will be great!! 

This week has been kinda crappy!! :(  We got a new investigator named Maria on Monday and have taught her every night so far except for Tuesday night.  Every lesson has not had the spirit whatsoever.  In fact she has tried to fight us.  She thinks the commandments and the Book of Mormon aren't necessary.  It has been pretty frustrating; Until Thursday night.  She fought us in the lesson again which was to be expected so we asked some sisters in our zone who just had her as an investigator about how to help her understand the importance of the gospel.  We found out that she is not a member.  She is an actual investigator that is paid to be here.  Hermana Albach shared her story with us and just said to love her and make sure that she knows that we love her and just get to know her.  She said that her and her companion took an entire lesson and just talked about her and her family and themselves and their family. 

Thursday night she asked us to find some scriptures FROM THE BIBLE; she made that very clear, about pre earth life and life after death.  So last night we walked in there prepared to share some scriptures with her and just get to know her story and her family and let her get to know us and our stories and families.  So yes, I took the little picture book you sent me to show her pictures of us. Well we shared the scriptures we prepared and then she asked us to share our favorite scriptures, from the bible.  Hermana House shared Romans 8: 38-39.  I shared John 14: 18,26-27 and then we asked her what her favorite scripture is and she shared John 3:16.  It was pretty cool.  The saying “teach people” not “lessons” became real to me that we need to teach according to our investigators.  Anyway, Hermana House than shared her testimony about the gospel and I shared mine about the gospel.  And guess what I had in that picture book?  The two pics of Kazen that you guys sent me!!!  I was able to talk about Kazen in Spanish for the first time last night!!!!!  The spirit was finally in a lesson with her.  It was so cool.  I shared how Kazen had passed away at two years old and the gospel has blessed my life knowing that I will be with him again someday.  That he IS NOT dead but that he is very much alive!!!  I love feeling that little guy everyday!!!! 

We taught another Hermana in our zone yesterday about the book of Mormon in Spanish and I was able to do it.  And then we taught Ximena, or Hermana Boyce our teacher about the restoration and the gospel again and guess what???!!!  I was able to talk about Kazen in Spanish again.  So the point is… I can now talk about the Book of Mormon and Kazen in Spanish!!!!!  These are way cool experiences that I wanted to share!!!  A crappy week turned into a FABULOUS week!!! 

 By the way, I am being transferred to the main MTC campus on Thursday so my P-Day might change, but I will let you know!!  Send more pictures because I love getting them.  Please keep sending me quotes because I love getting them.  There are some above my bed that I want as well. 
The church is so true and the Book of Mormon is so true.  Kazen, Jesus Christ, Grandpa, and Great-Grandma all love me and are with me every second and I feel them so close.  Sure love and miss you guys!!!
Con Amor,
Hermana Kent

Hermana House and I on P-Day.  She has great taste in clothing;)

Pointing out President and Sister Marston, my best friends parents:)

I love the temple!

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