Hermana Kent

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Gift of Tongues is INCREDIBLE!

Hola Familia!
Wow this week was AMAZING!!!!  Divisions were so great!!!!  I was super nervous for divisions and I stayed in our area and Hna Redford went to the other area.  I was super nervous because I wasn’t sure if I knew the area enough to be able to get Hna Henao and me everywhere we needed to go.  But I did!!!  I am feeling a lot more confident now because of this experience.  I was nervous also because this Wednesday when I receive my new companion, even though I am still in training I am the companion who served in the area before and knows the area and will be responsible for getting us everywhere.  But, now I know that I can do it!!! 

I also didn’t get too frustrated with the language barrier.  We were able to communicate just fine.  It was amazing!!  She was able to help me with Spanish and I helped her with her English.  This is the same right now with Hna Sanchez.  She is helping me with my Spanish and I am helping her with her English.  The gift of tongues is an INCREDIBLE gift!! 
Other than that this week has been pretty interesting.  We were doing a lot of things to get ready for Hna Redford to leave us.  She leaves tonight.  We said goodbye yesterday and I have been with Hna Sanchez since yesterday afternoon in Santos Lugares.  Wednesday after transfers I will return to Caseros. 

I am SO excited to hear that Dad went with the Elders.  I didn’t understand before when I was going with the sisters how important members are missionary work.  We as missionaries are able to teach and be their friend for a little bit but we are constantly changing.  Our investigators need someone in church who will be there always to answer their questions and help them through their conversion journey.  Their journey to conversion is very hard and difficult and a member friend is really important in helping them stay active and go through their journey with them.  Also, members’ testimonies are so important and powerful.  Thank you for going with the Elders and please continue to go with them.  Members are KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have really liked the food but it really isn’t unusual.  It is really similar to ours so it has been super good!!  Lots of pasta and beef and flan which is a really good desert, it really hasn’t been that different than what we have.

We did have a ward Christmas party that was so fun.  Josefina and Angel brought a daughter of theirs.  They have another daughter and two sons.  It was great and I think they had so much fun.  I am still praying for them.  Yesterday we went over to their house so Hna Redford could say goodbye to them.  And Angel said "well we will have to send you a picture when we get baptized."  Oh my goodness, he said WHEN!!!!!!  They are so great!!!  I am praying for them!!  Also yesterday in church we had Andrea with us!!  It was amazing it was her first time and she seemed to really enjoy herself while in church!!  It was a really neat experience!!  Also we had lunch with our stake president, Pres. Catron and he said that we could come and to his house to skype.  So I have a place but I don’t have a time.  So what time do you want me to skype you guys and I will just tell my companion what time you guys want me to skype?  This church is true and Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father live!!!
Con Amor

Hermana Kent
PS  I just found out that there will be two new missions made next July.  That is so cool!!  The work is moving forth!!!  Our mission will be reduced by two zones!!!  OH my!!!!!!

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