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Monday, December 1, 2014

I'm Legal Here in Argentina!

Hola Familia y Amigos!!! 

 I still can’t believe how fast time is going!!  I can’t believe I have already been here in Argentina for a month!!  It feels like yesterday I landed here!!  It is SO crazy!!  Anyway, first off because I forgot to mention last week that Christmas came early to us missionaries in the Buenos Aires West Mission!!!  We were all given very nice, new pots and a frying pan about a week and a half ago!!  It was AMAZING!!! 

This week was also great!!  We had lots of lessons that were just great!!  And yesterday we had Angel and Josefina in church for all 3 hours with us!!!  It was AMAZING!!  We also had Hernan and Malvina with us in church the whole time but they are already good about staying with us the whole time!!  And we had a woman come who just decided to come to church!!  Her name is Lourdez!!  Her cousin is a member over in Uruguay!!  It was amazing!!  So we are excited to start to teach her this Friday!!!  Unfortunately, none of our baptisms are going to happen!!  But we have Lourdez who we start teaching this week so we will see how we can help her!!  And Josefina and Angel have accepted baptism but not set date yet so we are praying for them and working with them!!  And Hernan and Malvina are going to be getting married in about a month and a half and then he will be able to be baptized!!  Many good things are happening!!

There is a new initiative “He is the Gift” that started this week!!  It is AMAZING!!!  I LOVE it so much!!  It is so incredible!!    

The language is coming very slowly!!  I wish it would come faster but I have faith that it will come little by little!!  I just focus on how far I have come and how much I have learned regarding the language instead of how far I still have to go!! 

It rained A LOT Saturday night!!  It was amazing!!!  I was absolutely drenched because I wasn’t prepared!!  Neither Hna Redford nor I were prepared!!  All of the sudden the clouds came and the rain started hard and then before we knew it we were drenched!!  We laughed about the whole thing!!  However, were very blessed!!  We had an appt with Josefina and Angel that night!!  When we got to her house she noticed how drenched we were!!  She have us a towel and then some of her shirts to change into so we had dry clothes and then gave us mate cocida and some warm bread!!  She was so great!!  That was the first time I have had mate cocida!!  It is actually pretty good!! 

 I have been really good!!  The only thing that has been hard is my legs hurt a lot all of the time from walking.  Like remember Disneyland?  It’s like that every day.  But it’s getting better and my body is getting more used to it, I think!!!  Hermana Redford told me the other day that the temperatures right now are already not as hot as last year.  This spring hasn’t been that bad, so I think I can make it through this summer. 

Oh and I am now legal here in Argentina!!  Wednesday we went to a bunch of different places and filled out paperwork!!  It was such a great week!!  I LOVE being a missionary!!  I LOVE the spirit that is always right with me!!!  Love and miss everyone lots and lots and lots!!!

Con Amor

Hermana Kent

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