Hermana Kent

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Families Are Eternal

Unfortunately this week was just another week. We had to go to the Capital again for me.  My tourist visa expired along with other missionaries.   We got it taken care of and it is now going to be just great!!  While we were there though, we were talking to a few people.  We met a girl from Italy.  She is an actress and I guess like the Vanessa Hudgens of Italy so that was pretty neat.  She shared with us how someone she knew and was very close to passed away.  It was amazing because she shared with us how she can feel and knows that this friend of hers is always with her and watching over her.  It was amazing and I shared about my angel Kazen who is always with me and she understood perfectly. 

Yesterday Hermana Mendoza was sick so we stayed in the apartment unfortunately but it was neat.  Hermana Olson and  I were able to study lots and were able to share more about our families and get to know each other more.  It overall was a great week.   I got speak in our ward yesterday on missionary work.  It was such a neat experience.  My talk was great!!  I felt good about it.  I used a lot of quotes from Preach My Gospel so that the Spanish would be understandable.

Monday night we had a family home evening with a couple families in our ward.  We talked about our trials in life.  We all went around and shared our challenges.  I talked about Kazen, especially with it being that time of the year.  It was incredible after I shared and cried about my experience, our ward mission leader spoke and said how they are here to help me now through this time of year and being away from family.  I love this work.  I love the people. 

Well I think we are going to have a baptism next week for Victoria.  She is super great.  We are working with a new investigator named Jorge and he is super great.  He needs a lot of love though.  He doesn’t have much self-esteem and he has no Christian background so we are teaching him very simply.  We also have a lot of less actives that we are working with right now too!! 

Friday night Pres, Robertson called and told me that I have another angel in heaven to help me through my journey here in Argentina.  That is so neat for Dad to say the opening prayer.  I was thinking after I got the call for Pres. how powerful Dad is.  Think about it, Dad has so many extremely close angels with him.  Dad has his grandpa now, his dad, and his son.  It’s weird but I think that is pretty neat for Dad.  I mean we all have all of them obviously because they are our family too but its Dad’s genealogy line.  Like you know that picture of great-grandma, omi you and me -  it’s like that...  I have no idea if that was proper English or if it even made sense to you... I just read great-grandpa’s obituary it is super neat.  He did so much!!!!!!

I know that great-grandpa and grandpa and Kazen LIVE!!!  They LIVE!!  And so does our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I LOVE this gospel and this knowledge that families are eternal.  I love and miss you all lots and lots and lots!!  

Hermana Kent

P.S. I’m super excited to hear about Heather and Atchleys!!  Baby Miles is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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