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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Baptize - Retain - Reactivate

This week was crazy getting Hermana Mendoza off but she is in her country now!!!! Last Monday we enjoyed our last p-day together and ate at McDonalds.  It is still a little weird at times that it is just Hermana Olson and I.  But it’s great!!! 

Tuesday night we had a ward activity which was super great and fun.  It was also an activity for all of the people from Hermana Mendoza’s previous areas to come and say goodbye to her.  There weren’t very many people from our ward but there was a lot from Hermana Mendoza’s previous areas that came to say goodbye to her.  It was such a great activity.  Hermana Mendoza shared her testimony and then she asked Hermana Olson and I to share our testimonies.  It started off with a great spirit.  And then we ate and ate and ate and ate.  People brought different foods from their native countries or if they were from Argentina they brought food from their providence.  It was super fun to try all of the different foods from Peru, Uruguay and other parts of Argentina. 
Friday we had a zone conference!!  And guess what I saw!!!!  Meet the Mormons!!!!  It is soooo great and powerful.  I LOVE that the families are real with real life challenges.  It made us look like the normal everyday people that we are.  It is such a great missionary tool!!!  I enjoyed the whole movie.  Every single bit!!  Especially, I´m sure like a lot of people, the last family who sent their son on his mission.  The mom’s spirit was so strong!!  I LOVE Meet the Mormons!!  I love being a Mormon!! 

Other than that this week was another week en la obra misional!!  We have tried to work a lot with our ward to gain their trust to give us references so we have people to teach and have been trying to visit a lot of less actives that we have.  We went to a family this week that has been less active for about 20 years; the Lopez family.  They have a daughter who was eight when they went inactive but was never baptized, so as soon as were finished talking with the mom we went to the daughters house who lives in our area as well.  I feel like this family has a lot of potential.  I am excited to work with them and see what we can do to help them come back to church. 

I love the things we do as missionaries.  Baptize. Retain, and reactivate.  Also unfortunately Victoria was not baptized this past Saturday.  But, we have changed her date to the 7th of March.  I am praying hard for her.  She is super great and wants to be baptized. I LOVE this gospel.  I love the true joy that it brings into our lives.  I love the Book of Mormon.  I know that it is true and was translated by our prophet Joseph Smith.  I know that he was a true prophet called by our Heavenly Father for this dispensation.  I know that families are eternal. 

I love and miss you all lots and lots and lots!!!
Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kent

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