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Monday, April 13, 2015

All Things BUGS!!!

This week was rough to sum it up.  Being separated from Hermana Edwards was super hard.  Even though I still had a companion it was hard not to be with my companion.  It was a neat experience training though.  I LOVE the twelve week program that we go through when we first enter the mission field.  There are so many great things to learn of how to teach with the spirit and learning to become the missionary that the Lord wants us to become.  Hermana Wilcox and Hermana Mattinson are going to be great missionaries and I am so grateful for the experience I had of helping them during their training. 

Ok so the long part of the week…  Well, Saturday we took care of lots of bugs.  I mean lots of bugs.  I mean bugs in every place you can imagine.  Like bugs in hair as well.  Well ok I need to back up.   So we have had cockroaches in our apartment sometimes as we have come home at night and we kill them and then it is fine.  A couple of weeks ago I went to bed with a little bit of a headache and woke up at about 2 in the morning and at like 2:30 I finally decided to get up and take medicine because I couldn’t go back to sleep.  As I turn on the light to the kitchen I see like a million of the little creepy crawlies on our counters and on our newly cleaned dishes that I had cleaned the night before as I went to bed.  It was an experience and needless to say we called the office early the next morning for them to send someone to come and spray our house.  Well the Hermano came Saturday morning and our apartment has been perfect and clean and cockroach free.  Ok well we having been having a lot of dead ones but it has been so great.  Hermana Edwards and I are so grateful. 

Well also remember how I said in hair as well?  We found out on Saturday that Hermana Edwards has lice.  So we immediately went and bought things for her to use for her head to help her out.  So needless to say, Saturday "we took care of all of the bugs.  ALL of the bugs" as Hermana Edwards and I have been saying. 

The week ended yesterday with a huge fight on the bus as we were going to lunch yesterday with two primary girls in our ward.  They started to pull each other’s hair and so we had to separate them and then one of them started to say bad words.  It was a very full bus too and of course we got on the bus together and we have our tags on so everybody saw what church we were from.  I am just sick to think that that whole bus now has that image of our church.  It was a different week but that’s ok it will be a better this week. 

I know that this church is true that we have a loving Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ who love us each individually more than we can imagine.  Love and miss everyone a lot!!!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kent
Divisions with Hermana Wilcox

Divisions with Hermana Mattinson - eating CHOCOLATE!


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