Hermana Kent

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I LOVE General Conference!!!

This week was super great!!  We found another family that we are going to start teaching this week!!  It was crazy!!  We just started to talk to this little girl and her mom came out and so we started to talk to her mom, and then the mom’s sisters showed up because they all live together.  It was super great!!  It was meant to be!!  The sister’s boyfriend is a member of the church and she was over at his house the other day while the elders were visiting this member family that is in their ward.  So they were talking and they thought that she was super great!!  They knew she lived in our area but didn’t know where.  Well we found her!!!  It’s a miracle!!  It’s meant to be!!  We are super excited to teach this family, they are going to be so great!!! 

Other than that was just conference!!  I LOVE general conference!!  I can’t believe that another on has gone by!!  I didn’t understand everything that was said but I felt the spirit and it was super great!!  The first session we were able to watch with our bishop in his house with his family!!  It was super fun!!  The other three sessions we watched in a church house in our stake!!  It was a different experience watching everyone come with their lunch and hang out at the church house in between sessions!!  I am super grateful for the many blessings we enjoy in the United States!!  The last session an investigator of ours named Victoria was able to come!!  She is super great and we are praying that she will be baptized the end of this month!! 
I am learning a lot from Hermana Edwards!  How to teach better, Spanish, lots of things!!  She is called a Sister Training leader.  She is equal to a zone leader but for the sisters.  So this week we are going to have divisions twice with two companionships which means that she is going to leave me two times this week to go to another area where there are sisters in our zone.  The two sisters that will be with me are both very new.  So I will be training them for 1 day!!  I am super excited to help train them both for 1 day!!  I am a little nervous for the language I will probably have to do all of the talking.  I don’t know how much Spanish they know.  But I am excited to experience training someone even if it is only for two days

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!!  What better way than to have it than over General Conference listening to our Prophet and Apostles!!  I am so grateful for them in my life!!  They are such great examples to us!! I know that Pres Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet of today!!  I know that he is called by our Heavenly Father as well as our apostles.  I know that this church is true!!  I know that our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ love us and always are with us!!  I know that the Book of Mormon is true!!  I LOVE and miss you lots and lots and lots and lots!!!
Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kent

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  1. You are awesome and amazing. We had a chance to talk with your mom this weekend and I could hear the excitement in her voice as she talked about her missionary. Never have I regretted my decision to serve a mission. My life completely changed during and after. Keep working hard and loving the people. We love you and are praying for your safety and success.