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Monday, August 31, 2015

My Fourth Area!


Wow this week was a great week!!!  We had lots going on!!  We had transfers!!!  I am now in my 4th area, Haedo!!!  It is crazy how time is flying!!  My new companion is Hermana Dayes!!  She is from Arizona!!  She will complete 6 months this month in September!!!  I am still getting to know this new area but so far I love it!!  We have great leaders!!  I am so excited to see what blessings are in store for Hermana Dayes and I this transfer.  I am so excited to find out what is in store for me to learn from Hermana Dayes and this area!! 

This week other than transfers nothing has really happened!!  Monday and Tuesday were filled with goodbyes which were not easy.  Wednesday was filled with nerves and nerves and nerves and nerves!!!!  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were filled with learning this new area and getting to know the new leaders that I will now be working with.  Saturday night we had a ward activity that was filled with lots and lots of games and fun!!  It was really great to get to know the ward because yesterday we had an area conference.  A lot of the speakers talked about keeping the Sabbath Day holy.  I have learned in my mission how important this is!!!  There is such a spirit in keeping the Sabbath Day holy.  When we keep this commandment we are blessed more than we can imagine!!!   

I am glad you guys saw Hermana Edwards!!!  Where are pics of you guys with her!!!  I am SO sad that you don’t have the package yet!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is great!!!!!  She gave me a necklace and some earrings before she left.  I don’t have her email address.  Can you tell her thank you from me!!!???

It has been BEAUTIFUL this week!!!  It hasn’t ever gotten super cold.  Everybody has told me that it usually is A LOT colder.  Which means, and I am nervous that this spring and summer are going to be HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will be here for all of summer.  Summer ends March 24th!

I LOVE this gospel and know that it is true!!!  Love and miss you all lots and lots and lots and lots!!!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Kent

Happy Birthday to me!!  Thanks for the treats family!!


Making homemade bread

Monday morning selfie...I didn't get ready today:)

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