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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Families Are Forever!

Well this week Hermana Wiborny and I had another week in the work of the Lord!!!!!!!  Last Sunday we had a family in our ward invite one of their friends to church and this friend of theirs came!!!  We asked her if we could come to her house and we had two super great lessons with her this week about the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration!!!  She is super great and Hermana Wiborny and I are praying that she has been prepared by the Lord to accept His gospel into her life.  She shared yesterday in one of the classes that she has studied a few different religions but none of them have made an impact like this one has.  Well that would be because it is TRUE!!!!!! 

She is our only investigator right now.  I am trying to have patience and not get frustrated!!!!   Yes it is all in the Lords hands!!!!
Yes they made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Omi’s dried apples made it!!!!  I have NO idea how but they made it!!!!!!  Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the things you gave to my companion.  Also thank you for the things for Hermana Chineppe!!!  She will LOVE it!!!!  I am so sad my necklace broke with my faith seed.  I wasn’t expecting that you would send me one too!!!!  It made me happy!!!  And then I realized that it was already broken and I was sad:((((  But that’s ok I have my sister necklace!!!!!  I have worn my sister necklace EVERYDAY since!!!!!!!!!

Ok and I feel REALLY bad!!!!  Yesterday was mother’s day here in Argentina so I made you mother’s day video but it is too long and so I can’t send it :(  I’m sending Kensington’s birthday video here in a minute to her. 
Read it. Live it. LOVE it!!!  Because this gospel is SO great!!!!!!!!
This gospel is TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE this gospel and I know that it is true!!!  I know that our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ stand at the head of it!!  I know that President Thomas S. Monson is their servant here upon the earth to help us understand their will!!!  I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and love us way more than we can understand.  I know that they live!!!  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and is the word of God!!!  I LOVE reading it and know how I can be a better person and being able to be closer to the spirit by reading it.  I love and miss you all lots and lots and lots and lots!!!!!
Con Amor,

Hermana Kent
Monday Morning Selfie

Hermana Wiborny and I at Church

Laura Peralta bringing me my package from home!!!

Hermana Wiborny and I. 

Favorite chocolate from home:)

Favorite Argentine treats:)

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