Hermana Kent

Monday, October 5, 2015

I LOVE General Conference!!!

Wow wasn’t conference so great!!!  I LOVE general conference SO much!!  I LOVE being able to hear these men speak to us and to hear what our Heavenly Father has prepared for us to hear through his servants!!  I LOVE this gospel!!!  What a tribute that they all made to Elder Perry, Pres Packer and Elder Scott.  I will miss these three a lot but what an experience it was so be able to sustain 3 new apostles the last general conference on my mission.  I LOVE being a missionary!!  I LOVE our prophet and apostles!!!  Ok to be honest I am really kind of sad.  I don’t like watching it in Spanish.  It has been so hard not to hear their voices for a year.  I didn’t realize how much just their voices fill me.  But there was a spirit.  I am really struggling that these three apostles have moved on in the plan of salvation because these three I really loved!!!  So I am struggling a little bit.  I cried a lot when I saw their three seats empty and then I cried a lot when President Nelson started to cry because I am sure their hearts hurt so much because I am sure all those men really truly are best friends and love each other.  So my heart really hurt for them.  It was a shock to see Mrs. Wadley.  I told people that she was my teacher and it was fun to see her!!!

I didn’t realize before my mission how small of a word faith is but how important it is. Faith is HUGE and I need to develop more faith.  You both are HUGE examples to me of faith and every aspect of the gospel!!!!!!!  Thank you for everything!!!  Thank you for all you both continue to do for me.  I RELLY LOVE you both A LOT!!!!  You both are always there for me and helping me with EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!
Well we received a call last night from our zone leaders and I will be receiving a new companion this Wednesday.  I am sad to see Hermana Dayes leave but I am so excited for this new transfer and for a new companion to learn from and to see the blessings that our Heavenly Father has prepared for my new companion and I this transfer!! 

I know that this gospel is true.  I LOVE this gospel is true!!  I know that we have a prophet named Pres Thomas S. Monson who leads and guides us today.  I know that he has been called of God.  I know that our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ live and love us way more than our human minds can comprehend.  I know that they know each of us individually.  I love and miss you all lots and lots and lots and lots!!!!!!
Con amor,

Hermana Kent

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