Hermana Kent

Friday, March 25, 2016

Final Testimony From the Field

Wow!!!!! 18 fast Sundays, 1 Birthday, 2 Christmases, lots of tears and fears later and I am at the computer for the last time on my mission.  It came A LOT faster than I thought.  If I were to sum it up into one thing that I have learned on my mission is how to live the gospel of Jesus Christ or how to be a member of the gospel of Jesus Christ.    President Monson told us in the General Conference in Nov of 2014

"We need not walk by the shores of Galilee or among the Judean hills to walk where Jesus walked. All of us can walk the path He walked when, with His words ringing in our ears, His Spirit filling our hearts, and His teachings guiding our lives, we choose to follow Him as we journey through mortality."

Living the gospel and being a member of the church of Jesus Christ means that we have faith in our Savior Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father we trust them.  We are truly repentant and strive every day to live a Christ centered life every day.  We worthily take the sacrament each Sunday to renew the promise we made at baptism that we would follow Him.  We are striving to listen and live worthy to the Holy Ghost.  Finally we enjoy or endure to the end.  We constantly strive to be the best we can be or do the things that our Savior Jesus Christ would do.  I LOVE this gospel and I cannot imagine life without it.  I know that this church is true!!!  I know that our Savior Jesus Christ came to this earth and suffered for our sins and felt the heartaches that we face in life.  I know that He is there to help us when we can’t bear it anymore.  I know that our Heavenly Father loves us more than we can imagine.  I know that they restored their church through the prophet Joseph Smith.  I know that he translated the Book of Mormon and that by reading the Book of Mormon we can come to know who our Savior Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father are.  I know we have a prophet here upon the earth today named Thomas S. Monson.  We get to hear from him in just two Sundays!!!!!  I LOVE this gospel!!!  I LOVE being a missionary.  I am so grateful for the experiences I have had.  The people I have been able to meet and love.  

I love and miss you all lots and lots and lots and lots!!!

Nos vemos pronto!!!!

Hermana Kent

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