Hermana Kent

Monday, March 2, 2015

La Obra Missional (Missionary Work)

Wow another week has gone by and I have reached 5 months!!! It is crazy how fast time flies!!  I cannot believe I am already almost a third of the way through my mission.  Honestly, I don’t know how it happened because yesterday we were crying on the Provo Temple grounds. 

This week was another week filled with la obra missional (missionary work)!!  But we had two great things happen.  We visited some little girls who are recent converts.  They have a sister who just turned 8 a week and a half ago and..... you guessed it...SHE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED!!  So I think she is going to be baptized this Saturday!!  We haven’t had a ton of contact with her but she has heard the lessons before and has been going to church with her sisters and they have been teaching her things as well.  So she is our priority this week.  I am praying for her. 

Also we had another capilla abierta (chapel open house) that Hermana Olson and I got to help with.  I LOVE capilla abiertas!!  They are such a great tool for la obra misional. I love that I, as a sister missionary, got to start off the tour and bear my testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ countless times!!  Hermana Olson shared a story with me how they did a capilla abierta in her ward and they had a member bring her husband who was not a member at the time and after the capilla abierta and being in the church already, he was baptized!!  Such great experiences happen. 

We have so many great tools to use to help the work of the Lord!!  This week also I decided that I was really struggling with the language and so Hermana Olson is going to help me a lot this week!!  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to learn another language!!  I have definitely had to rely on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I know that they live and love us more than we can comprehend.  I know the book of Mormon is the true word of God and I LOVE it!!  I know it was translated through the Prophet Joseph Smith, who I know saw our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I know that this gospel is true!!  I love and miss you all lots and lots and lots!!!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kent

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